Focused Family Services
1301 E. McDowell Rd. Ste 204 Phoenix, Arizona 85006
(602) 253-6259

Please take a few moments to read some of our reviews. We're committed to providing the best care we can, and we frequently ask our members if they would be willing to submit anonymous satisfaction surveys. Below are just some direct quotes from some of our current members.

Latest reviews for Focused Family Services 5/5.0 stars (27 reviews)

Unknown in Phoenix, AZ ****
Great group sessions, good teachers.
Unknown in Phoenix, AZ ***
Works well with client's flexibility
Brian in Phoenix, AZ *****
They're all always concerned about our well Being.
Perez in Phoenix, AZ *****
Great DV Counselors! Martha and Bill are very knowledgeable
Aaron in Phoenix, AZ *****
Your ability to listen to others and provide feedback is awesome!
Andrew in Phoenix, AZ *****
This program excels in listening to people and allowing them to express themselves.
James in Phoenix, AZ *****
Counselors Martha and Bill seem to truly care about their clients
Unknown in Phoenix, AZ *****
Very caring and real with the clients to ensure positive health treatment
Diana in Phoenix, AZ *****
You're all very understanding, non-judgmental, & caring!
Greg in Phoenix, AZ *****
I've only been here a few times but everybody made me feel comfortable about being here
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