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DUI Arrest

DUI Treatment

Got arrested while under the influence?

We are licensed by Arizona Department of Health and approved by AZ courts and ADOT to provide DUI Screening, DUI Education, Revocation Reinstatement evaluation, and Substance abuse counseling.

If you have been arrested for a DUI you are required by MVD to complete an alcohol and drug screening.

Obtain your extended MVR (Motor Vehicle Record) from Submit a copy to with your name and phone number.

DUI Screening
1:1 DUI Screening done by an FFS evaluator

DUI Education
Intake + 8 Hours of Substance Abuse Class
DUI Treatment
Intake + 16 Hours
DUI Treatment
Intake + 20 Hours
DUI Substance Counseling per session$50.00
DUI License Reinstatement Evaluation
DUI Screening (Out of State) AZ Resident $200.00+

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